Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scraplifting and nasty, rude people

Well, it has happened. I never thought that I would see the day that taking up for someone would cause so much trouble. A lot of my friends and other scrappers have been blatantly lifted lately. And not just lately, for quite a while. Most have said nothing, since there is a fine line on lifting and being inspired by someone. Most scrappers are sincere and will put "inspired by" and give proper credit when a page is really lifted, not just ideas but almost the exact paper, elements, title, etc and so on. One person has even been removed from a site for doing it. But she moved over to another one is doing the same thing. I put a comment, yes I guess it was a little rude, but all I said was "this reminds me of a page I saw...." well, I got a nasty pm and then all of a sudden I have ugly comments on my blog, on my mini-books that they are copies of someone elses. They are not, and everyone who knows me will vouch for that fact. I guess they think I will shut up. I looked up their blog only to find that it has been removed!!! The name of the blog was "Linda-isms All the Rage". Wonder why!!! LOL!

I just think this is riduculous, to get so nasty and negative over a hobby that is filled will joy, passion and fulfillment. Some people work on DT's and mfgs. and have numerous publications and teach and honestly make a living doing this, most don't, but lifting can be serious. Goodness, this lady won't quit!!! Anyway, just had to vent, and if you see any more nasty comments on my blog, you will know why. Probably will see some on my galleries as well!

I urge the rest of you who have been lifted by this person, check your comments, she may be leaving some for you as well!!! Hopefully not. Sorry to have to make this post, but I felt it necessary!


Jessy@FairytaleFrosting said...

I've been a follower of your blog and scrap work for sometime now. I'm so sorry that you felt you had to post this, but at the same time I'm glad you did. I've experienced something similar. I had a bakery posting MY photos claiming their work as their own. Needless to say hurt and anger are hardly words to describe how you feel.
Your work is beautiful, and I am always inspired. Dont let someone else's immaturity and pettiness get you down. Keep on making beautiful work, if they had even a smidge of your talent, they wouldnt have to scrap lift!

Cheryl Nelson said...

I am so sorry you've had to go through this Patti! Good for you for standing up!

Linda-isms All The Rage said...

You have received an Answer!
From Law Professor

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 1:40 AM EST

Copyright law might protect your layout decisions, but the protection would be very very thin. For one thing, other people can use the same layout if they come up with them on their own (ie they don't copy). Moreover, even if they do copy, many aspects of a layout will be deemed to be unprotected -- for instance, because they are such common elements that everyone should be allowed to use them. You might in the end have some protection left, but copyight law will only protect things that are "creative" and expressly refuses to protect things that are functional, common, or otherwise not creative.

In short, then, your most creative layouts would be protected against slavish copying; but less creative layouts would not be protected, and even the protected layouts could be vulnerable to (a) independent creation by other people who do not copy and (b) copying, where the copyist then makes a bunch of changes to minimize the ultimate similarities.

Sorry. Hope that helps. Good luck.

This is not legal advice and our communications here do not create any attorney/client privilege. That said, I hope my informal comments above are helpful to you; and, if so, please click "accept."

Elisabeth said...

You poor girl!!!!! I am so sorry that this person is not smart and creative enough to come up with her own stuff.

Your work is great!
Hang in there!!!

phamil said...

Linda-isms All The Rage, I did not ask a question, and I removed your nasty previous comment on my blog, I will leave this one for everyone to see. Please refrain from commenting negative comments on my blog . And why if you are so informed and interested in this topic, let us know who you are?!?!?! Your blog shows up removed.

Tina White said...


Isn't that you posting on the 2peas board?

Aren't you being rude as well?

phamil said...

Yes, I am posting on that thread. No Tina, I am not being rude. And I am there for anyone to see, not hiding anything or myself, just who are you? Can you share? Are you a Stampin Up demonstrator? If so, you might be interested in the thread that you are saying that I am rude in, don't you have your name and Stampin Up on all of your images? If you are a different Tina White, please let me know and I apologize.

Jessy@FairytaleFrosting said...

I have something to share with you, but would prefer to send to you privately. Please message me: fairytalefrosting@gmail.com

Jessy@FairytaleFrosting said...

Oops! Just realized I spelled your name with a Y. Geez, I hate when people screw that up with my name.
Sorry Patti! =)

phamil said...

TO: Tina White

Since you won't let me know how to contact you, or who you are, I will post here. I do not know you, have no dealings with you and don't know what your problem is with me, all I have done is take up for a friend who's work was copied and voice my opinion, which I believe is everyone's right here in the US, but apparently I have offended you in some way, you are talking about me on other peoples blogs and even contacting people I design for. Why not face me?!?!?!

Jeni O'Connor said...

Wow Patti just wanted to drop by and leave you a big hug. I will never understand the nastiness that rears it's ugly head in scrapbooking.

Tina White said...

What you wrote on your blog is so very wrong.

It is a complete shame "your friend" is not willing to share ideas but feels the need to protect her layouts as if cutting paper and slapping a photo on it is a master piece of art.

I recommend to you and "your friends" not to post online, publish or apply to design teams, if you are unwilling to share.

Your behavior on scrapbook.com was uncalled for and very rude.
Then you brought you crap to another board, instead of letting it rest.

Shame on you for not respecting someone else in the gallery and allowing them to share their memories for others to enjoy.

Shame on you for posting to your blog as if you are free of sin.
The only victim here is the industry and people like you giving it a horrible name.

phamil said...

To Tina White (again) since you can post on my blog where no one else can see, but won't give me the common courtesy to open your blog to posts or let me know who you are, I again have to answer here.

First of all, you KNOW nothing about me, and apparentely NOTHING about the industry. OR my friend, but you do like to spew nonsense and keep things going.

She does not have to "apply" to DT's since she is on several big name mfgs. teams already. I have been on mfg. teams before and I do not care who lifts my ideas, but I again, since you seem to be a little thick headed, have the problem when someone copies the exact same work of some one and claims it to be their own original idea.

Since you only hide and will not come out into the open, this will be my last post to you, it's not worth my time. I know what you've done, contacting my other friends on their blogs asking about me, even those I design for, seems to me you are the "rude" one. Now if you continue to post these tings on my blog without giving me an option to contact you personally, I will post your next rant on 2peas and sb.com, people will at least have time to see it before it gets wiped.

Have a nice day.

And, I did not start anything on sb.com, someone else started an entire thread and it got wiped, I didn't even post on it, so I think you should get your facts straight before slandering someone. And I am on very good terms at sb.com, 2peas has always had some nasty people and I tend not to post there much. Now I am so completely reminded why I don't.

Bente Fagerberg said...

sorry you had to experience this. It is not nice and never will be. I know I find a lot of inspiration looking at the work of so many talented scrappers everywhere. I learn from that and some of it may end up on one of my pages.They say that scraplifting is the best kind of flattery, but I dont think so if you CASE someones work and pass it off as your own. The only way this could be remotely ok would be for the text to plainly state that it is very similar to the original artwork. But that's just my opinion! take care!

Tara Orr said...

oh patti - so sorry you are having to deal with this nutjob as well! LOL!! Some people seriously have nothing better to do with their time?? This "Lindaisms" is posting on my blog as Tina White - we all know who it really is ;> I just set my blog to 'moderate' the comments and then nothing shows up on there in less i want it to. I think you've done the right thing - and support you 100% !!!

Hilde/Scoobie said...

I can't believe so many of you have to go trough this. I have seen several examples over the past months and it makes me sad. I still don't get what some scrappers get from CASEing others and presenting the work as their own - except for a moment of fame and glory - but in the end it will show that they cannot stand on their own feet and they will never become "rich and famous"...