Friday, April 8, 2011

Adding a "Little Punch" to your Pages!

Sometimes you want to add just a little something extra to your page, but you're not really sure how. I have found that an easy way to add details is to use your standard small punches. I tend to use a lot of florals on my pages so I dug out my trusty little 5 petal paper shaper punch. On this first page I used the circle cut out just as it was, with the patterned floral, which is really pretty. Nothing was wrong with the page as it was. But I wanted to add a little. So, on this page, I added my little punched blooms, and it gave the page just the little extra punch that I wanted. They are really easy to do. I always like to give them a little shape so they don't just lay flat on the page.

Here are the supplies I used: cardstock, marker, stickles, paper shaper punch and adhesive.

First, I just punched out the little blooms.
Next, I took my marker, just a darker shade of the color of your preferred cardstock and colored in the centers, not even circles, blended out a little.
Then, I "crunch" the little petals inward in my fingers, shown below afterward.
Last, I just add a little dot of stickles for the center!
All that's left is to adhere them to your project. I like to use Martha Stewart gel adhesive, it goes on in very small amounts and dries pretty quickly. I prefer to use WorldWin Treasures cardstock, it has just the right texture and you can find any color imaginable. You can do a lot with these little blooms, just play around with them and I'm sure you can come up with lots of uses. You can cluster them up on drawn stems, or use single as accents! Just have fun with your little punches!!!

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Elisabeth said...

What a great idea! I will keep this in mind when I miss the little "hmpf" on a page