Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Couture Creations Damask Delight

I wanted to show how to create a layout using scraps. I had some pieces left from the Damask Delight paper that I wanted to use. The colors were perfect for our daughter's photo taken during the last week of her pregnancy! First, here is the completed page:

 I started out by choosing what I thought I wanted to use on the page.
In this photo you see a doily die, but I decided against using it on this page. But you see my paper pieces, my gemstones, my trusty precision tip tweezers and scissors.

First I decided to take my smaller scrap, which was a stripe pattern and cut several sizes of circles and one strip. I started laying out a basic pattern that I liked for the page. Once I liked the look, I used my Couture Creations double sided tape and adhered it to white cardstock. I took a green and blue marker that matched the paper and did some "faux stitching" around the larger pieces.

I wanted some blooms on the page, I'm a flower junkie, so I decided to just make some by hand. Very easy. You can use any of the floral nesting dies, but here I just used a container on my desk and traced the circles. I then cut 5 and 6 petal blooms by marking divider lines and handcutting.

I then took a blue ink and using my Couture Creations sponge dabbers inked the edges of the bloom layers. For this type bloom I cut 3 circles, 2 the same size and one a tad smaller.

I then layered and pinched them together. I crumbled each one up first and then carefully unfolded it, then attached the layers together. Then you can just play with the petals until you get the look that you like! I used the cut off part of a stem from a manufactured flower, the kind that have the twisted ends, you can fray it and it makes a great flower center!!!

I needed some accent blooms, so I just used a generic 5 petal punch and made 4 blooms. I placed a Couture Creations self adhesive pearl (moonlight) in the center of each. I layered 2 together for each little bloom.

I placed circles, and blooms in several places and added a few Couture Creations gemstones (seaspray) as accents!

Here is another close-up of the little cluster.

Here you see the larger bloom and the little ones around it.

Couture Creations Sponge dabbers
Couture Creations Double side tape


Lizzyc said...

This layout is lovely, love the fresh colors.. and your flowers look great!

BLockHEad said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Suz said...

I love the way you do the flowers... easy & looks great thanks for sharing & inspiring

Brenda Frame said...

Hey Patti, I love this layout and really like the flowers on the page. Thanks for sharing. Hugs

Jean said...

So pretty!