Friday, May 20, 2011

Webster's Goodness

I was lucky enough to get "Banner of the Week" over at InspireMe for Webster's Pages, and I was estatic!! And I was chosen as a featured artist the week before. This just made my otherwise terrible week much, much better!!!!

I used the Ladies & Gents collection for these pages, this collection surely suits it's name. It is the most versatile collection ever! You can make it masculine to really really feminine and anything in between!!!! I just love it!!!! And thanks so much for recognizing my work at Websters!!!

This is the page that got's my Dad in the early 1960's.

This is our dd on her wedding day, I thought this paper was absolutely perfect for the photo!
This is one of our dd's engagement photos! I love this die cut paper!
And this is them again, happily married!!!! I totally love this collection!!!
Sadly these are my last pages done for MCS (MyCreativeScrapbook). I am no longer on the DT there. I really appreciate the support of 7 of the most special friends that a person could ask for, and you know who you are!!! I got to work with some of the most talented designers while there, some other girls who are no longer with MCS, but who I enjoyed getting to work with are:
Liz Qualman, Robbie Herring, Julie Howard, Gabrielle Pollacco, Jenni O'Connor and Sandie Vincent. And also several of the designers still there. I will miss you all! But, change is good and I am looking forward to more things to come!


Jeni O'Connor said...

Beautiful los Patti. In fact I reckon you saved your best for your last work. MCS will miss your inspirations. New beginnings are so much better than sad endings. Heres to a happy, scrappy future for all of us. Drama Free!!!LOL

Cindy Gay said...

The layouts are all perfect!

Nadia Cannizzo said...

Firstly, congrats AGAIN for the BOTW at Websters. This was a sensational layout.

Secondly..the rest of these are absolutely stunning. I have this kit sitting in my pile of kits to go next. So thank you for the inspiration.

Thirdly..I am quite saddened to hear you are not at MCS. Hmmmm ...something went down there and a few of my faves are dropping off. But I guess I agree with Jeni 'better new beginning, than sad endings'. You surely will be missed there. Your talent is superb, but I understand that some decisions need to be made sometimes. I sure hope you are OK and your bad week has passed.

Lastly..i giggled when you said 'i have to work out how to do this" about the OUAS giveaway! LOL..Look at the things we worry about sometimes...LOL! But look if you wanted to, you just need start a new post on your blog and cut and paste everything I have written on that post and then link it to us by the Linky Tool at the bottom of the OUAS post. If too stressful let me know. My email is

TAke good care and hope you are well. Nadia.

Helen Tilbury said...

Wow Patti each of these is very beautiful & there is no luck involved at all - it is all down to pure talent & you have it in abundance...

About the OUAS thing - if you have problems copying & pasting Nadia's use mine (with hers the whole inlinkz tool & links was connecting up & that made for a looooooong blog post...) but it was hard to remove it as you couldn't actually see it in the text - but I converted it to HTML & removed the code.

Mine also refers to OUAS rather than "here" if you know what I mean LOL...

So if you do have any probs feel free to copy & paste my almost identical version (minus the inlinks tool) Blogger will say that it doesn't accept it but just check the box that pops up saying "ignore HTML errors" or something like that - and you should be fine :)

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

Awww Sweetie, I'm sure you'll be missed by all who got to enjoy your beautiful creations each month!! You've been such a loyal supporter and such an inspiration over at MCS I'm sure everyone is as sad to see you leave as I am, but I know you'll move on to bigger and better things! You are one talented lady! Looking forward to seeing what you'll be up to next!

Gabi xx

Carla said...

beautiful lay outs!

Lynn Biermann said...

Patti, wonderful work! I am so sad to see you leave MCS. I have not been there as much since stopping my kits during Mom's illness... but still popin to say a few words here & there. YOu have provided so much inspiration during your time with MCS... you will be missed! Take care! :)

Lisa Giesbrecht said...

Love the colors & embellishments on these layouts.

Just found you through and I am now following.

Ashley Van Etten said...

these pages are beautiful!! I am so sorry to hear that you are no longer with MCS. When I subscribed there you were always one of my favorites! I am now a follower of your fantastic blog and would appreciate if you checked mine out at

ms.schwiet said...

What amazing work

Shell said...

Oh Patti.......... U guys seem to b dropping likes flies at MCS! All my fav girls are leaving. SIGH! Oh well I will keep in touch & drop bye to say hi. (if I dissappear for a bit I will b back. I am having computer troubles that let me only randomly comment on blogger sometimes then not at all. Wot the???)
Anyways I LUVED ur LO that got u BOTW at Websters . It was so beautiful.
Can't wait to see what is on the horizon for u Patti. I have no doubt it will b something fantastic!!

~Melissa~ said...
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~Melissa~ said...

I must be a little slow, I just realized that your not with MCS anymore. I noticed that you hadn't posted anything in a while and then you didn't have any pages in the June reveal. I'm sorry to hear that you were definitely a great designer and I wish you the best.