Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Mind's Eye Blog Challenge &Cardstock Rose Tutorial

I did this page for the My Mind's Eye Blog Challenge #17. The challenge had to focus on "Lessons Learned" and I wanted to use the Holly Jolly collection and I had these cute pics of Speckles from last Christmas, so I chose to journal about learning a lesson from our dog!

Also, I had these little tiny rosebud blooms, we get them in the MCS kits and they are so cute, but sometimes I wanted a bigger bloom, so I made my own and used the bud for the center. I love making handmade blooms, mine aren't the best looking ones around by any means, but they are fun. So I thought I'd show how I made them.

It only takes a few basic supplies:

First cut 3 circles using any template.

Then divide into 4 sections and cut into petals. Cut a little more from one so that it's a little smaller than the other two.

Using a toothpick, piercing tool or any thing pointed curl the petal tips downward.
Then take each bloom and using a pencil with the eraser end just bend aroud the end of the pencil.
They will look something like this:
Then, just play with the petals, layer each one and place the little bud in the center!!!


Maria Elena said...

Hi Patty ! Great Lo.... and thanks for that tuto ! I'll try very soon LOL

Have a great Wednesday ;-)

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

Patty! Great flowers! and I wanted to say congrats on being a TC finalist!

Cheryl Nelson said...

Gorgeous work Patti! LOVE the tutorial!! TFS!

Beebeebabs said...

Beautiful layout thanks for sharing!!

Mireille said...

Patti this is simply gorgeous!!!