Saturday, August 8, 2009


Well, between me and Susan we took about 1000 pics at CHA! I've been waiting to post until I had them all together, but I don't have all of them yet, so I wanted to recap the best parts of CHA for me!

1. Getting to stay at the gorgeous Peabody Hotel, and the total experience of CHA thanks to Susan, who I will be forever grateful to!!!

2. Meeting some of my online friends and scrap Idols: Cari Fennel, Sharon Lakkonen, Lucy Edson, Annabelle O'Malley, Krissy Mosbarger, Susan Dupree and more. Plus got to meet our very own MME rep. the one and only KC, he's hilarious.

3. Seeing some of my Scrap Idols work in person, like Greta Hammond, I have always admired her style. Vicki Boutin, who is super talented and of course all the Prima girls!!!!

4. Getting to see all the wonderful new lines that are coming out, getting to help pick out all the orders, staying up late pouring over catalogs, rushing to get to all the booths, just the total experience!!!

I loved it, except the drive back, with the horrible traffic, the rain storms (monsoons really!!!) the accidents and the long ride, but other than that it was super!!!! I'm ready for next year if Susan can put up with me again!!!!!


Anna said...

Sounds like had a great time Patti. I so wish I could have been there too. I would loved to meet some of those ladies who are also my scrapidols. Mostly I would have loved to meet you, Susan and Krissy. Hopefully one day.

Tracey said...

Oh wow sounds like you had an amazing time, can't wait to see the pics, hope all is well with you, love and hugs XXX

Pearl said...

o how very cool that you were there ! wonderful memories you must have !

cant wait to see some pics ! ;-)

TanishaRenee said...

Pattie, I can not believe that we were both at CHA and didn't have a chance to meet! :( I would have loved that!! Oh well, maybe next time!!

Debbie ♥ ♥ ♥ said...

Wow Patti, sounds like you had lots of fun!! How wonderful to meet so many talented artists!!

Lucy Edson said...

Sounds like you had a great time at CHA! I enjoyed getting to meet you, too, Patti! :)