Monday, July 20, 2009


July is passing rather quickly, and it makes me kinda sad. I love Summer, and don't want it to be over. This has been a busy and hectic time, but I get a break next week. I'm going to CHA!!! Me, Susan & Michelle are heading to Orlando and I can't wait. I'm so anxious to see all the new stuff, especially Prima and Basic Grey, and I could name gazillions more!!! LOL!
And I'm super excited because I get to meet one of my closest online friends Krissy!! I can't wait. And I also get to meet my boss! My Creative Scrapbook owner Pam! I'm so excited to meet them both!
Thought I'd post a few random pics of our Summer activities. Hope everyone is having a great July!
The first picture is our dog Speckles interrupting dh and his nap on the hammock, next is our cat Tiger having a snooze on the porch, and last is Jenna, Sam and the dogs, Britches, Boots and Speckles at the cabin!!!

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EMI Scrapbooking Store said...

Speckles looks like maybe she wanted to be in the middle on the sofa :)

Did Doug help her up on the hammock
so they could take an afternoon snooze?